Signal Projects HYDRA

The efficient design of Hydra conductors offers significantly increased conductivity, that in combination with the three-layer insulation and the advanced shielding, will substantially improve the connections of audio systems, providing a superbly balanced frequency response and a very accurate description of the soundstage.

Wilfried Kress schreibt in hifi & records 4/2014 (Oktober 2014)

Thomas Schmidt schreibt in LP (1/2015)

Marco Kolks schreibt in HÖRERLEBNIS #92 (Sommer 2015)

Roland Schmenner schreibt in FIDELITY 05/2020 (August 2020)



Analog Kabel der Hydra Serie



Digital Kabel der Hydra Serie



Power Kabel der Hydra Serie



Lautsprecher Kabel der Hydra Serie